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#LivingThroughLit #1

Don’t lose sight of what life is now to what it could’ve been then.”

Sophia Ryder

There is only another path if you allow yourself the courage to look for it.”

Sophia Ryder

Reflect on your mistakes rather than regretting your actions. Welcome the new rather than wallowing in the past.

Sophia Ryder

My, my, that was fun! Behold, my first #LivingThroughLit challenge of the Holiday Break!

I enjoyed brainstorming these quotes and organizing this aesthetic of my incredibly beautiful and talented friend, Kaelin.

Please send me any type of feedback you may have whether it relates to the photography or the quotes! I’ve been experiencing a bit of a poetry phase these past few weeks for research purposes for a song that I’m forcing myself to write, and I would appreciate any and all assistance that I can get. In all honesty, I’ve always wanted to write a song but never been inspired by a lyrical passion that would come off as both comprehensive and musical. Recently, however, I reconnected with an old friend of mine from an exceedingly long time ago. While we were on a Face Time call, I was reminded of the joy of innocent times and the kindness that reunions inspire. Hopefully, I’ll be able to transfer the lyrics to the ukulele and untangle my dormant vocal cords to put together and post a finalized original song.

I hope these quotes are somewhat relevant to your current life, but if not, save them because they will be… eventually!

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