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So often it is hard to listen, but literature offers a medium for the fantastical and the impossible, engaging prevalent perspectives unknown to the public.

I’ve always had a flare for the dramatic, so I inputed an original quote to activate your minds and prepare for my announcement.

I’ve never done this type of activity before, but starting on Saturday the 19th, I will be (attempting) to cleanse my mind and soul of the technology and social media that imbues my life with fervent distress and unnecessary FOMO.

My mobile cellphone has always done one of two duties for me as a teenager: contact myself to my family, or wreak havoc unto my social life and embalm my mind with thoughts and feelings of loneliness and/or anxiety. As a result, I will be phone-free this holiday season and appeal to other lovable activities that require less resign, and more family time.

HOWEVER, there is a bit of a twist to this journey: I will be indulging myself in an abundance of literary challenges this Holiday Break, and I encourage you all to do the same.

Indeed, I offer you all a series of challenges to embark on as you devour roast beef over the holidays the same way your family does to you when wearing ripped jeans to Christmas Dinner.

I have inputed a checklist at the end of this post compiled of reading and writing challenges ranging from thirty minutes to weeks at a time. You don’t have to complete all of them nor do you have to go on a phone cleanse like I am, but I motivate you to do as many as you possibly can as you reflect on this chaotic year and embrace the new beginning that the next year offers us. Yes, I am aware of how corny that sounds. However, literature allows us to put our perspective on paper and assemble our creativity in a place of imagination. I think it would do each of us good to take a break from the traumatic year that we’ve had and see where our pens take us. I promise, you will discover something new about yourself and the world around you as you activate your imagination and open your mind to this positive vulnerability.

#LivingThroughLit is not a marketing strategy, but one of the purposes I’ve pursued throughout my time writing this blog. I want my audience to not just acknowledge the world around them, but become an active force within it, and I think literature offers a proactive means to achieving this goal.

As always, feel free to send me your work through the “Contact” page in the menu bar of the home screen, and I can showcase your amazing work in a post! I wish you all the best of luck and don’t forget: I am only providing you with the tools, but you have to create the product. Your pen is your sword, but your imagination is your power.

So, without further ado, here is the #LivingThroughLit Challenge Checklist!

Reading Challenges:
Read an article from The Washington Post, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, etc. about an issue/topic unrelated to the current political upheaval.
Read a book outside of your genre comfort zone (If you’re a classics fan like me, try out romance or fantasy).
Participate in a book exchange with three or more friends (where you each choose a book for each other to read)
Read aloud a book with a family member or friend for thirty minutes every day.
Write a book review (however long you desire) on a previous book.
Email your favorite author and tell them how they’ve influenced you as a reader and a community member.
Dig deep!
Writing Challenges
Write a poem about an experience or place that shaped who you are (if you’re feeling really creative, turn it into a song).
Write three pages of a story that you’ve been aching to write, but never had the chance to (you all have one, I know it).
Create three original quotes that are relevant to your struggles and successes right now.
Write a letter to a person who inspires you (can be a living or dead person).
Buy a bullet journal and fill it with twenty or more goals that you’d like to achieve!
Write a list of at least twenty-five activities you’d like to do.
Be bold!

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