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Tiny World Sneak Peak

Hello my artist-activists! I do apologize for the inactivity lately, I have been incredibly busy with college apps and remote learning during my senior year… it’s been a long month for my brain…

Anyway, I am beginning a project for my Independent Study in Journalism course and I wanted to post a sneak peak/inspiration photo journal for what that might look like in the coming weeks. Basically, I will be doing studio photography with objects rather than people (if you know me at all, you would know that photographing people is my specialty and forte). However, in light of recent events (that being a global pandemic), I will be attempting a new approach to studio photography while incorporating an environmental activism instilled theme. I can’t tell you much… but I’m excited to see where my creative hinges break off to.

Enjoy some of my tiny world inspiration from an earlier project this year that helped jumpstart my idea for this project as well as engage my “lens mindset” as I call it in photography.