Long Time, No See!

It’s been a while! Have to admit, I had lots of trouble making it to my blog these past few months. It has been a whirlwind of a second semester and I was struggling just trying to make it through the senioritis. Moreover, we had a yearbook to finish which was something that I was […]

How to be a Person

Poetry explains the unexplainable. My father, Peter Ryder First week of my second semester of senior year, and my english class is assigned to write a poem. I’m not a hater of poetry, in fact, I admire it and encourage my friends to trust in its mending of the mind. However, analyzing and writing it […]

My Six-Word Memoirs

“Can you tell your life story in six words?” Well, many often sum up the year 2020 in two words: dumpster fire. So, why wouldn’t we be able to? I watched the video above during my Yearbook/Independent Study class where we learned about an organization that created a project called “Six-Word Memoirs.” The video began […]

Thanks, but see you in my Nightmares, 2020!

Turn your wounds into wisdom Oprah Winfrey I won’t comment too severely on the freak show of a year we all just went through, but I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the local, national, and international communities for persevering and picking ourselves up when in need. Some communities were devastated due to the COVID-19 […]

#LivingThroughLit #3

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lives and how he dies that distinguish one man from another. Ernest Hemingway Oh! The Places You’ll Go! Places, literally and metaphorically. I have more than a handful of handfuls of the experiences and sights that I want to endure […]

#LivingThroughLit Reading Update

Read a book outside of your genre comfort zone (If you’re a classics fan like me, try out romance or fantasy). There have been a plethora of posts from my page regarding the literary challenges in writing, but don’t you worry, I have not forgotten about my reading challenges! I could never abandon such a […]

#LivingThroughLit #2

A Letter to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Dear Ms. Adichie, I never understood the controversy around the word “feminist” when I was younger. I only saw it as a way for women to gain the necessary empowerment to undo the expectations imbued on them by men. I also previously lived in New York City, a fervently […]

#LivingThroughLit #1

Don’t lose sight of what life is now to what it could’ve been then.” Sophia Ryder There is only another path if you allow yourself the courage to look for it.” Sophia Ryder Reflect on your mistakes rather than regretting your actions. Welcome the new rather than wallowing in the past. Sophia Ryder My, my, […]


So often it is hard to listen, but literature offers a medium for the fantastical and the impossible, engaging prevalent perspectives unknown to the public. I’ve always had a flare for the dramatic, so I inputed an original quote to activate your minds and prepare for my announcement. I’ve never done this type of activity […]

What’s Left Unsaid?

Before I dive into what I want to discuss, I have a bit of context to elaborate on. First off, when was anybody going to inform me that writing a short story is more difficult and confusing than Inception? Seriously, I’ve been at it for about three weeks and can someone tell me why can’t […]


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