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Long Time, No See!

It’s been a while!

Have to admit, I had lots of trouble making it to my blog these past few months. It has been a whirlwind of a second semester and I was struggling just trying to make it through the senioritis. Moreover, we had a yearbook to finish which was something that I was new to and struggled through the quote transition process all by itself! I also have been lucky enough to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and was able to connect with my natural surroundings rather than the four walls of my living room these past few weeks (LOL).

I just wanted everyone to know that I will be working on new content soon, now that I am graduating in a few weeks! I’ve been writing some ideas for new poems (always a struggle for me to create implicit meaning, which is why poetry is something that I separate myself from, but who doesn’t enjoy a challenge?).

I also thought of sharing some of my diary entries from my dreams and/or drafts of poems. It’s a bit of a new process I picked up during the month of March: waking up every morning with a notebook by my bed and scribbling (however jumbled my morning diction may be) what I remember from my dream that night.

On a more poetic front, because my first drafts of any literary project, for lack of a better word, suck, it might be an interesting way to express my creative process and how I progress through drafting, editing, rewriting, more editing, etc.

However, who knows what content may come to mind this summer? I will be traveling to California at the end of this month and I already feel the inspiration hitting me. I hope to see you all quite soon through literary imagination!

Stay creative!


Adventure is out there! (from our family road trip to New Mexico)

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