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Due Diligence

So I “attended” a webinar hosted by my college counselors last night and found out some of the good news that came out of this pandemic. Most of the schools that I’m applying at are now test optional, acceptance rates are most likely going to grow in the more selective schools, and colleges are going to be more understanding throughout the year.

It would seem like everything is going to work out okay, I mean, what could go wrong when my grades are going from low A’s to high A’s and I have way more time to prepare for my SAT’s?

That said, Mrs. G, one of my counselors, informed us that colleges are now going to be looking for “due diligence.” I know that she was referring to more college research and communication but I wanted to generalize it a bit more. Even though the junior class seems to be given this “get out of jail free card,” that doesn’t take away the fact that there aren’t thousands of people dying and millions more suffering. Due diligence is important right now not just to demonstrate our hardworking leadership to colleges, but to show them that we are taking advantage of these home hours to do our part to the community.

In other words, taking the time to do virtual volunteer projects; there are tons of sites out there that are made for this sort of experience. I know we can’t help those who are sick but the least we can do for the millions out of commission is get the rest of the world ready for their return. I know that virtual volunteer work isn’t the same as the physical work we could do, but it is something, and a million somethings can eventually turn into a solution.

In my case, I decided to apply for an ambassador position on the Butterfly Team who works with PACT to spread sex trafficking awareness through the arts. I got the position and now I’m working with social media outreach, and the best part is, all of the meetings were already on zoom because of the uneven location distribution in Austin. We get a lot done in our online meetings but still have to work to communicate via email and groupme’s. It’s a great opportunity to do my due diligence to my local community and continue doing something that I love: creative outlets! It’s been an amazing experience knowing that I can help the community from home and support my local theatre groups as well.

I recommend that you do the same. If not for the community, for yourself. Helping out in the world is good on the mind and soul, especially in these times when our mental and emotional health is tested. I know that we are all feeling this anxiety one way or another (because if you’re not, that’s incredible, please go see a psychologist so they can do research on you), and we want this to be over just as much as the next person, but the truth of the matter is that this isn’t going away any time soon. So as long as we have the time to practice due diligence in a new way, take advantage of these virtual opportunities. I promise they will make you feel refreshed and released and if they don’t, well you can email me I told you so.

If you look up, “virtual volunteer opportunities for teens,” there are tons of sites that won’t take up too much of your time and allow you to work on some pretty cook stuff. Also, we are always looking for new Butterfly Ambassadors so if you’re interested, let me know and I will send you the link!

Thanks for reading. Now go do your due diligence!!

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