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#LivingThroughLit #3

Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lives and how he dies that distinguish one man from another.

Ernest Hemingway

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Places, literally and metaphorically.

I have more than a handful of handfuls of the experiences and sights that I want to endure throughout the rest of my time as a spry young woman. I doubt that the WordPress word count is equipped to handle my list! However, I don’t simply want to “travel” to various, countries and towns; I want to embrace the opportunities that they and my surrounding communities offer me. As a matter of fact, that is exactly why I used the word “activity” in my #LivingThroughLit list of challenges; it’s not wholeheartedly about the physical characteristics of the city or town, but the opportunities and adventures you take advantage of to discover yourself and your life going forward.

It’s corny, but it truly is about how you run the race, not its finish line.

Without further ado, here is my list of twenty-five activities that I would like to complete as I journey throughout high school, college, work, etc. Keep in mind that the majority of them are not generic, they are unique to my personality and goals in life – try not to think about where you want to go, but what it is you want to do when you get there and why it means so much to you… and if there is no why, try a different route and see where that takes you. This process is for you to analyze and interpret the next steps in the adventurous part of your mind – it’s not a “bucket list.” Use your imagination, and remember: it can be as far-fetched as you want it to be, as long as it holds meaning to you.


  • Travel throughout the South of France and Italy with nothing but a backpack, tent, and a close friend.
  • Take a friend to Scotland and sword fight in a long white dress at the peak of a cliff or mountain about our ideologies.
  • Find a small cottage to rent in Surrey with a couple of close friends and pretend we’re Cameron Diaz in “The Holiday” and sing “Mr. Brightside” at two in the morning.
  • Volunteer with a program in an underdeveloped country by building infrastructure and teaching literature at schools.
  • Once I further my knowledge in psychology and psychiatry, I want to conduct research on citizens in European cities compared to how behavior differs from those of major cities in the U.S.
  • Find a secluded lake in Northern Italy and read poetry, specifically Louise Gluck’s work.
  • Ride a horse on the beaches of Portugal.

Movie/Theatre Nerd

  • As a result of numerous hours at midnight memorizing movie scenes and monologues, I’d like to run into Jack Nicholson and re-create the scene from “A Few Good Men” where he yells “you can’t handle the truth” in my face.
  • Have a twenty-minute conversation with Stephen King and how he researched the information he needed for my favorite book of his, “The Green Mile.”
  • I’d like to attend a Haunted House event (preferably in Scotland – the Edinburgh Dungeon) with Guillermo Del Toro and Bong Joon-Ho.
  • Spend twenty-four hours with Christopher Nolan doing crossword puzzles and reading Mark Twain (truly any other 19th century literary genius).
  • If Stanley Kubrick were still alive, I would’ve liked to attend The Museum of Moving Image with him.
  • Research the validity of robotic character HAL in “2001: Space Odyssey” with a robotics and psychiatric professor.
  • Have a deep conversation about relationships with Woody Allen
  • I’d like to have Lin Manuel-Miranda spend five minutes talking with me and then writing a one minute rap about our conversation.


  • Buy a Rolleiflex camera and travel to Russia and Germany to complete a street photography assignment with another fellow photographer interested in older photography techniques.
  • Integrate Rolleiflex photography with my psychological studies and observe behavior in prisons.
  • Find a waterfall in Iceland and stage a photograph of someone in a long blue dress with his/her feet handing off the edges (done safely, of course).


  • Spend a day on a case with the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI to observe their processes and how they integrate psychology with criminology.
  • Volunteer with a program that assists patients with PTSD and other trauma disorders.
  • Drive out to the middle of nowhere with some friends, singing Hamilton and other show tunes.
  • Read poetry and play piano with young kids in the foster-care system as a mentor/supporter.
  • Befriend a sea-creature such as a dolphin or seal and learn more about the animal rights movements.
  • Embark on an “Endless Summer” type of field trip for three days, finding my perfect wave across the beaches of California.
  • Shadow a director accustomed to Hollywood, and one that is currently starting out to note the differences that the environment can have on style and choice over longer periods of time.

3 thoughts on “#LivingThroughLit #3

  1. Sweet Sophia, your beauty far exceeds the physical…you are truly a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. You have a real gift the way your words paint a picture, I can clearly imagine you sword fighting in a long white dress. Thank you for sharing these pieces of you.


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