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Relieved… But Not Done.

It would be a grave disservice to my followers and myself if I didn’t talk at least briefly about the state of our nation right now.

I am overjoyed with the current results of the presidential election.

To say that I feel relieved would be the understatement of the year; I am both shocked and grateful for the strength that America has exhibited in these unprecedented times. We knew what had to be done and we put forth a united front against a dictator regime that threatened everything the Framers ensured for our future.

Now that fascism, bigotry, sexism, and homophobia is exiting the White House with an attitude not unlike a six year old child having his recess privileges taken away, the nation can breathe… at least for a little while longer.

It is not my intent to burst anyone’s bubble, but work is NEVER done, especially when it comes to the United States Government.

Just like scars are left after a fall, Donald Trump will leave ground for cruelty, hatred, and heinous ideals on American soil.

We will be faced with unseen battles that trumpism has left behind for good people with grand plans to fight instead of executing real and effective change. Even from beyond the White house, he will still leave his orange shadow for the next couple of years.

What can we do?

Well… whatever we seemed to do before worked! Oh, and what was that? Unify as Americans? Exercise our civic duties? Fight for what was morally correct? Make our bite bigger than our bark?

According to my psychological studies, if a certain strategy seems to exert satisfactory results, we’ll continue to utilize it.

That is all I ask of you today: to BE the change that our brave new leaders have asked us to step up as, to MEND the damage that so heavily deteriorated our democracy, to FIGHT for our surrounding communities of color, gender, religion and orientation.

Most of all, to RECOGNIZE the impact that your own voice has not only in government, but the story that you want to tell your future kids.

Make THEM proud.

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