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My Photos

Since you’re probably tired of reading, I thought I would share a couple of my photos.

I take photos for yearbook, ZACH Theatre in Austin, and a couple of non profit organizations that I work with. I also take photos of my friends for free (because I’m the best).

I keep a camera in my car just in case I see something or someone worth photographing for history or my own personal fun. It’s also a great way to document my memories through visuals and tell stories.

Here’s a couple of my photos!

It’s hard resisting the urge to use filters in my editing. Especially since I still don’t completely understand the uses and tools of photoshop yet. I use the features on VSCO as well as some of the apple features on my iphone (they’re surprisingly handy).

Share your photos with me! They don’t have to be taken with a camera or professional GoPro; share a photo of something that you’re proud of!

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